In delivering system functionality for clients, many software companies are attempting to solve problems with or overcome the performance limitations of existing technology stacks. This is often most pressing in applications that are dealing with large volumes of data in near real time or when attempting to deliver the performance of a desktop application through a internet-based (thin-client) solution.



“You can take two routes when deciding to start claiming R&D tax – go to your audit firm and talk to your tax partner, or allow technology and R&D specialists to review your company for eligible projects. Whilst the latter may seem more expensive, the claim will be much larger and the value greater, therefore we cannot recommend Jumpstart enough!

After discussing the scheme in better detail with the visiting analysts, we realised just how much R&D our business carries out. The technical report their team produced was highly commendable, capturing in great detail all the eligible work we had achieved in the years being covered. What made this more impressive was that they only took up several hours of our time to gather all the required information to create this document.

Working with Jumpstart has been a great value add to our company and we are happy to be continuing our working relationship with them.”

James Lizars, Consultant FD
Think Ltd


"I completely trust Jumpstart – I don’t want to learn about the R&D tax scheme, I just want it to be completed! So with the same way I would hand over contracts to my lawyers or figures to my accountants, I handover R&D claims to Jumpstart.

They have great knowledge and understanding in terms of technology within our sector and HMRC’s current view on eligibility. They actually uncovered more eligible projects than we originally anticipated, identifying further areas of our business that were also claimable. This was especially reassuring!

Their whole team were accommodating, speedy and efficient and didn’t get in the way of us doing our key work. My commitment was only 2hrs in all, making the process even more favourable."

Michael Boniface, Managing Director
Reloaded Productions


"Jumpstart were recommended to us and from the very first meeting, we were impressed with their depth of knowledge of the R&D tax system and the speed with which they understood our technology.

We had undertaken a claim by ourselves in a previous year and knew how arduous the task could be, but we were all pleasantly surprised that because of Jumpstarts guidance, the time commitment by our staff was much reduced.

The final claim was paid out by HMRC with no problems and although Jumpstart do charge for their services, the whole process was hassle and stress free and therefore well worth it!

I have recommended Jumpstart to business associates because of the excellent service we received."

Ian Watson, Managing Director
Altia Solutions


"We chose Jumpstart to help us claim R&D tax benefits for several reasons: they have a slick, professional approach, we are protected against HMRC should any enquiries arise and they do exactly what they promise from the start.

We were amazed how much information the analysts were able to extract from one technical meeting. They knew exactly what questions to ask to be able to delve deeper and discover more eligibility.

The service they delivered was great, remaining clear and consistent. They handheld us all the way and made it easy to be a part of."

Roc Pietosi, Director & Co- Founder


"Having previously claimed ourselves, we understood how laborious the task could become. It really took considerable effort and we found it time consuming to gather the claim information year after year.

With Jumpstart providing their expert assistance, we were able to reduce our time and effort appreciably, yet still ensured we captured all the applicable costs and treated eligibility correctly across our global operations.

Thanks to their specialist practice, our claim size was significantly increased. We look forward to continuing working with them in the future."

Lawrence Ross, SVP Engineering Operations

ocere partner page

"We knew Jumpstart had a great track record and were very impressed with their Technical Analysts vast experience in an area as niche as ours. We originally thought someone would just come in and look at our business and finances, but they were very personable and maintained an in depth knowledge of our industry, making it as straightforward as possible.

Jumpstart is completely centred around client satisfaction and this was proved with the competence and efficiency displayed throughout our claim – there was no delay and although they require complex and detailed spreadsheets, they somehow make this easy and pretty much handle the whole thing themselves.

They deliver a full wrap up service from start to finish and as their service is priced in a way that has no risk, choosing to work with them wasn’t a difficult decision to make!"

Tom Parling, Chief Executive


"I was hesitant at first as to how much time it was all going to take for Jumpstart to properly understand what we do. But this didn’t have to be a cause for concern as the first claim took a couple of weeks and by the next one, only 3 days!

This was down to the level of understanding and proactivity all the Jumpstart people had. From the Business Analyst who talked us through the process to the Technical Analysts who compiled our claim, they were extremely analytical and held specific skill sets, understanding exactly what we do and where it fits in with R&D eligible work.

The input required our end didn’t distract from everyday business, nor soak up much of the team’s resource, which was really noticeable. The technical meeting was great as it made an encouraging impact - building up a rapport with our technical developers who were providing a lot of the info.

It was good to look back over the years we were claiming for and see what projects we had been working on. It gave us the chance to review the success of our projects and also realise the extent of the bespoke R&D work we had carried out for our clients!"

Stephen Hunter, Co-Founder & Sales Director
Radiator UK Ltd

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"We chose Jumpstart as they are specialists in the area of R&D tax relief, devoting their efforts to assisting companies with the claim process. They offer a competitive pricing model and support you through the whole journey from start to finish.

Without their expertise, it is unlikely we would have been able to make a successful claim, as we didn’t have the time nor the experience to complete everything to the standard expected by HMRC.

We were particularly impressed with how quickly the Technical Analyst grasped all the technicalities of our various projects and then presented them clearly in the detailed report to HMRC.

Jumpstart offer a professional and prompt service that generated a positive outcome with modest effort from us! ”

Simon Klinkhamer, Director
KB Group


"Jumpstart convinced us from the start, that their approach was both unique and highly effective. Their knowledge on the subject of R&D tax credits was extensive and as they are working on a percentage of the amount successfully awarded, this also meant their interests would be very much intertwined with our own.

Jumpstart successfully busted the HMRC jargon for us! They taught us that we are able to claim a larger portion of the costs for R&D against internal resources, as opposed to external contractors. Therefore it could work out more cost effective to use our own means.

We would recommend Jumpstart to other companies without hesitation. Like us, many businesses probably don’t have the first idea about the kinds of work that can qualify for R&D tax credits, nor the extent to which their corporation tax bill can be reduced as a result.

Jumpstart guided us through the claim process from start to finish, with a very fast turnaround. So far we’ve wiped out large portions our corporation tax bills, with 100% claim success rate."

David Jack, Infrastructure Manager


"Jumpstart are terrific!!

I approached the whole idea of R&D tax credits with a degree of scepticism. However with Jumpstart’s guidance, what I imagined to be a long and complicated process was remarkably straightforward.

Throughout the duration of the claim, Jumpstart could not have been more professional and helpful. At the end it is reassuring to feel that our claim was maximised through their thoroughness and understanding of what we do and how we work. ”

Mike Rose, Managing Director
Peach Digital


"Working with Jumpstart was a positive experience. I was aware of the R&D scheme and the potential of claiming, but didn’t know if what we were doing would be considered eligible. After meeting Jumpstart, I felt confident. They knew exactly what they were doing both from a technical and legislative perspective.

I was given clear and concise guidance in what they required from me and was really impressed with the Analysts’ awareness and knowledge. It made a big difference having someone understand conceptually what we do, allowing us to discuss work at a technically high level. It’s also a bit more fun and constructive talking to people who truly get what your company is about!

Jumpstart’s work made a significant boost to our bottom line and we know we wouldn’t have received this money had it not been for them!"

Lewis Orr, Managing Director

Good Practice

"When we looked at R&D tax credits previously, we hesitated to act for two main reasons. First, we knew the work we did was novel, but weren’t sure if it met the criteria required. Second, we were wary of the sheer amount of work required to create and submit the claim. On both those counts, Jumpstart made the process easy.

From our very first interaction, we’ve been delighted with the relationship. They’ve made the whole process as easy as possible. Our developers didn’t have a substantial admin burden added to their workloads and making the claim didn’t turn into something that distracted us as a business from delivering for our clients.

I’d thoroughly recommend Jumpstart to any technology business."

Owen Ferguson, Product Development Director

alienation digital

The advice and guidance provided by Jumpstart has made the whole process very simple and straightforward. Before their analysts came in, we had a long list of projects dating back over two years. They were invaluable in advising what was eligible and asking the right questions to garner the best possible information from us.

Their knowledge of the industry helped prompt discussions for further projects, which may otherwise have been overlooked as too large in scope. I thought their team would be Technical Consultants, but they actually match experts in line with what you need, thus ensuring nothing is missed.

As a customer centric company ourselves, we were very impressed with how personable and client-orientated their team are, capturing a great level of detail from one face-to-face meeting.

I'd certainly recommend Jumpstart to other companies, without a shadow of a doubt. They have saved us a lot of time and stress in the claims process. If others knew this service was available, I'd urge them to use their expertise. They may be acting as the middleman, but they are certainly worth it. I no longer think of it as an R&D claim, I think about it as Jumpstart!

Graeme Pratt, Business Systems Director
Alienation Digital


As an organisation we were not aware R&D was applicable to us. But after an initial consultation, it became apparent that Jumpstart completely understood our sector and were the best choice.

I did have one hesitation – surely it’s our duty to pay all relevant taxes and I was concerned about claiming to reduce our tax bill. However having gone through the due diligence process, I realised what we were claiming for were the additional costs on our business, that support future growth in employees, taxes and profit.

What really stood out was their professionalism, knowledge and level of customer support from start to finish. As there are absolutely no up front fees, this niche specialist practice encourages businesses to invest in R&D which I would thoroughly recommend.

Mark Forrester, Managing Director
Occupancy Marketing


"Our first impressions received from Jumpstart at the initial meeting were top class. Their technical knowledge of both R&D Tax Credits and specifically web development, definitely made me see working with them would benefit us enormously. These thoughts have only been reinforced further since using their services!

In the first instance, I doubted whether our work would actually qualify as R&D, however Jumpstart were able to carefully explain how what we do meets the criteria. With direct face-to-face meetings, Jumpstart take the time to meet with our team and really gain
an in depth understanding of what we do and most importantly, remain personable and supportive.

Since working with them for the past 3 years, Spider has been awarded significant tax credits thanks to their straightforward management of the tax credit process."

John Campbell, Managing Director
Spider Online

smith partner page

"As we continue to invest substantially in original content and our proprietary technology, we were delighted that Jumpstart helped us cover some of those costs through a timely R&D Tax Credit."

Ed Orr, Chairman
Mr & Mrs Smith


An integral part of the on-going development of ISS as a unique service provider is the R&D work being carried out to improve and advance not only the software element of the business but to develop exciting new hardware options for our customers. Engaging with Jumpstart as a market specific organisation who can focus 100% on recovering the benefits from the government’s R&D Tax Credit scheme has allowed our management team to concentrate on the important features required to grow our business.

Jumpstart delivers the key elements when choosing an external service provider - efficiency, focus and above all a quantifiable outcome we would find difficult to achieve internally without their assistance. Jumpstart are a detail-oriented team who provide a service that is value for money – I would definitely recommend them to others!"

Raymond Logan, Director
Intelligent Storage Solutions Ltd


“Once I met Jumpstart’s people I was confident that I didn’t need to get involved personally in the claim. This is really important to Visionware as our industry is so fast moving and dynamic. At a time when the business is growing at such a rate I am looking to focus only on things that add value to the business. Jumpstart came in and made little demand on my time or on that of my staff. Jumpstart understood the technology and allowed everyone to get on and build the business.

It was clear to me that Jumpstart would deliver from the very first meeting and I was super impressed with the Jumpstart’s Technical Analyst who was a good communicator and very professional. Jumpstart managed the whole process from start to finish and throughout there was an immediate response to any requests for information so I was very comfortable with the levels of communication. The fact is that all of this resulted in me feeling so positive that I felt a good result was inevitable!

I am delighted with the result we achieved and would tell anyone that the Jumpstart service is total value for money. One word to describe it all? Fantastic! As the company goes forward signing a new contract for a longer term was a very easy decision.”

Gordon Cooper, CEO
VisionWare Limited


“We were already aware of the R&D tax credit programme and had been claiming successfully for a number of years. During these years, not once did our accountants question our application or offer advice as to the potential of increasing our claim.

It wasn’t until we spoke with Jumpstart that we realised that other activities we were involved in were also potentially eligible. We had further discussion on these points and were encouraged when we were told that, yes indeed, we should be claiming for areas we had deemed ineligible.

We engaged with Jumpstart in the early part of 2009. They were very thorough in their process, not only keeping us informed of the progress of our claim but also supporting us when HMRC audited our application.

Thanks to Jumpstart’s help we made a significant improvement on our yearly application and for that reason have decided to retain their services going forward.”

Andrew Speake, Director
G2G3 Propulsion Limited


“We had been aware of R&D tax credits for many years and assumed that 'tax credits' were something our accountant should deal with. However, several accountants advised us we were unlikely to receive credits worthy of the effort needed to file a claim. This, we believe in hindsight, was their lack of knowledge about our industry, what the R&D tax credit scheme is designed to do and how it works.

I had been approached by Jumpstart over three years before engaging with them but had rebuffed their advances in bowing to our accountant’s advice! How wrong could we have been?

Jumpstart’s understanding of the process, their technical expertise and their professionalism helped us distinguish between the development of products that were commercially new, and those which were eligible. Jumpstart helped us understand the criteria of the programme and took on full project management of our application, giving us frequent updates so we knew what was going on. Our six-figure claim was quickly approved in full and provided invaluable assistance to our company.

I am absolutely convinced, if we had employed Jumpstart’s service after their initial approach, and not delayed; our overall claims would be closer to 7 figures. (claims are limited to the previous 2 tax years and the current year). We’ve already recommended Jumpstart’s service to other software and technology companies and my unfailing recommendation to any business is ‘don’t delay, work with these guys, the benefits are enormous!”

Euan Mackenzie, CEO
3MRT Ltd


"I was certain that we had a strong claim. Our work at 4T2 is highly innovative, so I was fairly sure we would get money back. The Jumpstart process was uncomplicated and their people were very efficient in their approach. It was evident that they had good expertise around game development and a detailed knowledge of HMRC requirements. This gave us confidence so we knew our application was being well handled and that Jumpstart was addressing the queries that HMRC may have had about our activities.

Using the Jumpstart team avoids the need to have technical or management staff spend undue time drafting relatively complex reports and then fielding due diligence questions. The whole process went smoothly and I would certainly recommend them. ”

John White, Managing Director

indez partner page

"We heard of Jumpstart from our relationship manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland. After their initial presentation to us it was a ‘no brainer’ in hiring them to work on our R&D application. Richard visited our offices to interview our technical staff, quickly gaining an understanding of what we were trying to achieve from a technical perspective. At all stages of our claim, Jumpstart worked behind the scenes to coordinate communication between us, our accountant and HMRC.

We are working with Jumpstart again to make further applications – they made it easy for us and it left us to get on with our day-to-day work.”

Dr Peter Mowforth, Chief Executive

intelli comms partner page

"Although I was made aware of HMRC’s R&D tax credit programme some time ago, we were so busy growing our company that we did not have the time or resources to sift through the huge amounts of information and legislation surrounding R&D tax credits. I suspected that the work we were doing was eligible, but didn’t quite know how to articulate this.

I was introduced to Jumpstart by our bank. In our first meeting, Jumpstart took me through the R&D programme in clear terms, explaining the criteria for eligibility, how they applied to us, and the distinct stages in making a claim. Their business model was based upon a success fee, minimising problems with cash flow and making it affordable to retain their services.

With Jumpstart’s help we secured a substantial tax credit that will now be put to good use in the further development of our product. I would recommend their unique offering to anybody looking to secure an injection of capital into a technology company. ”

Walter Tyser, CEO

line partner page

"Jumpstart were recommended to us by some industry colleagues who had managed to claim back their corporation tax as a result of the work Jumpstart did. Initial contact with the core team gave me the confidence to let them loose on our accounts and within 3 months we had an exceptionally well-written claim lodged with HMRC which ultimately resulted in Line receiving a substantial rebate.

Their ability to understand the technical implications of the work we do allowed them to pull together a coherent justification for the claim which they managed to conclusion.

As a result I have put them in touch with other digital agencies across the UK – if you’re reading this and your accountant has not recommended doing the same thing... give them a call as you’re wasting money. ”

Ross Laurie, Managing Director

mercury tide partner page

"Working with Jumpstart on our R&D Tax Claim was a brilliant experience. Their Technical Analyst listened, absorbed and wrote up a great report. It was a really good experience. Jumpstart’s documents were easy to understand and this made the whole process really efficent. There were no surprises either; the financials were well laid out and easy to understand. The relationship we have with the Jumpstart Technical Analyst is great and we intent to work with them regularly in the future. ”

Tamlin Roberts, Managing Director

runrev partner page

"I met with Jumpstart after our Conference & Events Manager, Jo Hernandez, heard of them while at a business event in Edinburgh. Jo arranged a meeting with Don Galloway the Managing Director of Jumpstart.

At the meeting Don explained where there were opportunities for RunRev to apply for R&D tax credits. It was explained that because our year-end was looming we would have to move reasonably swiftly to make our submission or lose out on a years R&D activity.

I agreed to commit to their services and the first technical meeting took place a week later. The submission was made on time and was successful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others; we were certainly delighted with the outcome. ”

Kevin Miller, CEO
Runtime Revolution Ltd

shake partner page

"I had no idea this tax credit was available ‘till I had a conversation with these guys. It was amazing. Please use them... it does work!”

James Oliver, Managing Director
Shake Interactive Ltd

whitespace partner page

"We’re a design agency; we don’t do Research and Development. At least, that’s what we thought until we spoke with Don and his team. Jumpstart helped us apply the eligibility criteria to our own projects and enabled us to successfully present our case to HM Revenue & Customs.

The tax credits we received have already helped to support further development of our content management system and extended our offer for clients. We’ve retained Jumpstart on a long-term basis to make sure we continue to benefit from successful R&D tax credit applications. ”

Phillip Lockwood-Holmes, Head of Digital


"Our clients include some big Scottish and UK names: Graham Tiso, Run4It, Remnant Kings,, Scottish Widows and Akzo Nobel and some brilliant small businesses that you may not have heard of, like the award winning, Sapori Truffles, Catseye Cattery, Merchant Software Ltd, Glencairn Crystal and Online Furnace.

We are very proud of what we do and yet it hadn’t occurred to us that we could be considered for an R&D tax claim. We thought it was mostly companies in the manufacturing industry that were eligible to apply for R&D Tax Credits. The most pleasant surprise about working with Jumpstart was finding out that our development activities were eligible under the legislation. The technical people we were teamed up with were very professional and easy to deal with and it was great working with people who asked us appropriate, technical questions. This made the cost capture simple. There’s no doubt that having their guidance certainly takes the hard work out of claims, making for a seamless process.

I would certainly recommend Jumpstart to others. Their service is excellent and I can’t think of anything that can be improved upon, it’s that good! We see ourselves working with Jumpstart into the future. Their people are trustworthy and the company has a collaborative approach which helps build a great relationship. We work alongside our clients so they’re an integral part of the development process, and so that we understand exactly what they need. That’s what Jumpstart is all about and we like that a lot."

Morna Cowie, Managing Director
Become Interactive Ltd