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Over 1,500 happy clients

ISO 9001 accredited

Make UK preferred partner

Over 1,500 happy clients

ISO 9001 accredited

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If you are currently claiming or would like to explore if you should be, then you should speak to Jumpstart. With a proven track record of more than 4,500 successful claims, we know what to claim, how to claim and the many pitfalls to avoid.

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Find out if your research and development costs could qualify for R&D tax credits. In just a few moments you'll know if you're eligible..

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Want to know whether claiming R&D tax credits is worth your time and effort? Use our calculator to find out the R&D tax relief you could claim back from HMRC.


Our clients.

From Shetland to Cornwall, businesses all over the country are benefitting from Jumpstart's R&D tax relief expertise.

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Jumpstart bridges the gap between our very technically minded operation and what the HMRC are looking for, making something that is quite valuable to our company very easy indeed.

Brian Frame

Rautomead - Managing Director

Immediately they impressed us with their team of technical experts who understood quickly and easily what we were eligible to claim for.

Gary Eastwood

Pennine Weavers - Managing Director

The tax credits we received have already helped to support further development of our content management system & extended our offer for clients. We’ve retained Jumpstart on a long-term basis to make sure we continue to benefit from successful R&D tax credit applications.

Phillip Lockwood-Holmes

Whitespace - Head of Digital

Jumpstart dealt with HMRC directly, which released us from the stress of the enquiry. They spoke HMRC’s language, answered all their questions and dealt with all their challenges and made the process straightforward and painless for us.

Mike Allan

LendingCrowd - Director of Operations

Apart from receiving money, the success of the process has encouraged us to look even more closely at our business and what we do in terms of future planning of research. It is true that Jumpstart has maximised our claim and that our accountant has been helped to utilize it for our business benefit.

Dr Jo Oliver

Avanticell Science Ltd - Chief Executive Officer

I am extremely appreciative to Jumpstart for making contact and explaining the scheme, with its potential rewards to us. I am amazed and delighted at how successful our claim has been, especially when only a year before I didn’t even know it existed.

Chef Patron

Restaurant Sat Bains

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