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You’ll soon discover that it’s not just what we do but how we handle the technical side of R&D tax credit claims that makes us such a big hit with accountants and clients alike.

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Our expert team has learnt a great deal from over 3,000 successful R&D tax credit claims. We’ve distilled our most significant findings into our Expert Advice resources.

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You're in safe hands with us

HMRC are now better resourced than ever to ask questions about R&D tax claims. That doesn’t worry us – and – and certainly shouldn’t be a concern for you or your clients. A robust Enquiry Defence is included in our fee, and we can even provide this to clients who didn’t use Jumpstart. We can also provide advice to you or your clients, should either of you be concerned about previous claims.

What our partners say

We work with accountants all over the UK, offering technical advice on R&D tax credit claims. See what a difference we’ve made to their practices in our wide range of case studies.

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