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Roy Coles is a Chartered Accountant specialising in risk management and tax planning strategies for companies and individuals.

As a Peak Performance Tax Mentor, Roy assists with the education and development of accountants, as well as developing relationships with other financial professionals.  Those who have worked with the team at Jumpstart often comment on how comforting it is to have such expertise at the end of a phone when working with what are often their best clients.

R&D claims are dealt with swiftly and  professionally and this reflects well on the introducing firm as well as the Jumpstart team. As such, the firm’s premium clients are retained and new referrals are obtained.


Real benefits to the clients' businesses

"Another common piece of feedback is that successful claims have resulted where initially the accountant did not consider their client to be eligible, or, at best, considered that limited relief might be obtained. Once the technical team from Jumpstart were introduced, further eligible expenditure was identified and the clients received tax benefits which neither they, nor the accountants, had expected.  Overall, the firms I work with feel that working with true experts in the field sets them apart from rival firms who might “muddle along” doing the odd claim themselves. Furthermore, it demonstrates to their clients, the firm’s focus on providing ideas and solutions which bring real benefits to the clients’ businesses."

Roy Coles, Director
Delivering Choice Ltd

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