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Magic Beans is a Xero Champion, business advisory service providing up to date real time information that allows business owners to make effective business decisions that results in profitable growth


They give our clients impeccable customer service

We trialled a client with another R&D tax relief provider beforehand and it all became protracted. I had to get involved to move things along, it all became a bit of a mess. We then trialled Jumpstart however, the process was so smooth! Ian, our Business Development Manager was great. He arranged a phone call, then a meeting and within a few months, our client received a cheque for £6000.

All accountants are suspicious that you may try to steal their clients, as well as a reputational risk if something goes wrong. I had worked with Ian before an trusted him, therefore we decided to give Jumpstart a go and we're so glad we did. It has worked out great for us and our clients.

Clare Galloway, Co Founder and Director

Magic Beans Accountants Limited

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