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A chartered accountancy firm with a wide range of private clients: from care homes and entrepreneurs to design agencies and wholesalers. They build relationships with their clients, going the extra mile and making it simple for them, and they genuinely care about helping clients to become even more successful.

They found that one of the best things about working with Jumpstart, was that the whole process from screening through to setting up the initial meeting and analysis was very quick and easy for them.


Confident that my clients are in professional hands

"In a screening meeting it is so interesting to observe how the Business Analyst draws out relevant technical information from my clients. It is obvious they understand the commercial rationale behind a claim, and this, together with how they link this to legislation, gives me the confidence that my clients are in professional hands. Clients are impressed by this level of understanding and discussions about eligible projects freely flow. As a Chartered Accountant, I am constantly looking to add value to what I can offer my clients; working with Jumpstart allows me to offer this specialist service."

Richard Smedley, Director
Richard Smedley Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

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