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Roger C Bloomer, Chartered Accountants in Swindon have been working with Jumpstart through Peak Performance’s UK wide network.

They have found the major benefit of working with Jumpstart to be that claims have been identified that they would not have considered due to the nature of the client’s business.  Working efficiently and maximising a small amount of the client’s time is key and Jumpstart do both.


Minimizing Risk

"The other main advantage is that it removes the risk from us as accountants, as Jumpstart make the claim on behalf of our client: that risk being either due to HMRC rejecting the claim with potential penalties, or from the client if he finds out that we have not identified everything that might have been claimed.

My advice to other accountants is to talk to Jumpstart if they want to enhance the services they offer to their clients."

Roger C Bloomer, Director
Roger C Bloomer, Chartered Accountants

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