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I might be under-claiming

Every day we help our clients identify more eligible activity and spend. Our technical analysts are qualified sector specialists who understand your business and your technology. They will make sure you get every last penny you are entitled to.

See average claim values near you


I might have over-claimed

OK. Don’t believe anyone that tells you HMRC don’t check claims. They might not check all of them, but but that’s not a gamble we would recommend. No-one wants an HMRC enquiry - detailed questions, requests for documentation, the consequences for your claim (and potentially past and even future claims) and the impact it will have on running your business.

But don’t worry - making claims more robust and defensible and protecting from the risk of undue attention from HMRC is what we do every day.


I'm doing too much work on this claim!

While it’s often a complicated and time-consuming process, we’ve shown time and again that it’s possible to streamline our clients’ R&D expenditure claims. Working with an advisor who minimises the time, effort and risk associated with completing the claim means that you can focus on your business. Get back to what you do best by letting Jumpstart do your company’s R&D tax credit legwork.


I'm frustrated with my current adviser

We hear this a lot. We’re different. We’ve been specialising in R&D tax credit claims for 11 years. Over 4,500 claims. Over 1,500 happy clients. Take a look at our what our clients say.

Expect the best results, time after time.

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