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Whatever level of R&D service you currently provide...

R&D tax advice and claim services vary from accountant to accountant, from no in-house service up to an established service that generates significant revenue for the business. Whatever your current service offering, we’re confident we can compliment and enhance your current capabilities.


Whatever your focus...

Many of your competitors are focused on client acquisition. One of the methods they are using to secure clients is to decouple work streams such as Payroll and R&D with a view to using this level of engagement to build a greater relationship with clients over time. This is a ‘Trojan horse’ strategy to win all of the client’s business. This risk to your client base means that it is essential that you provide a high quality R&D service to negate the opportunity for the competition.


Whatever your clients do...

It’s risky to rely entirely on what your clients tell you.

  • Clients often fail to differentiate between routine R&D and valid innovation;
  • Clients rarely have the marketplace understanding of their proposition that you may expect;
  • Clients are rarely up to date when it comes to their competitors and commercially available alternatives;
  • Clients struggle to grasp how to assess their project activities against the guidance and legislation

And remember - claiming R&D tax relief is all we do, and all we have done for the past 11 years - 4,500 claims and over 1,500 happy clients.

The level of service delivered has been exceptional. Jumpstart is everything we were looking for in an R&D tax relief partner.

Emily Lawrence

EEF the Manufacurers' Organisation Programme Manager

Jumpstart is proactive, responsive and experts in their field. We say to our network, we know that you might be able to do R&D Tax Claims but Jumpstart do this and only this and you & your clients can benefit enormously from working in partnership.

Douglas Aitken

Peak Performance Director

Johnston Smillie have been working with Jumpstart on R&D tax credit claims for several years which has provided our clients with significant tax benefits in these difficult times.

Ross McKay

Johnston Smillie Director

In an age where we are striving more and more for customer service and added value, the service offered by Jumpstart is a very valuable addition to our portfolio.

Adrian Allen

Sowerby FRS Partner

We thoroughly recommend Jumpstart to proactive accountants who want to bring real benefits to their clients.

Jeff Warin

Hewitt Warin Chartered Accountants Director

Jumpstart are an ideal match for us and our clients. We recognise that we cannot be experts in every area but need to be sure that when we do introduce partners, they have the same ethos as we do.

Brian Gibb

WG Chartered Accountants

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