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Helping innovative businesses to access these reward and go from strength to strength is why we set up Jumpstart, so it's great to hear we're making a real difference to companies' fortunes across the length and breadth of our great United Kingdom.

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Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“The meeting with the Jumpstart Analyst was enlightening to say the least! The questions they asked were thought provoking and the meeting sparked an internal discussion about R&D tax credits that we would not have had otherwise.”
Lees of Scotland Limited, David Simson, Finance Director
“After working with the consultants at Jumpstart, we recovered more than £60,000 from HMRC”
ClydeSpace, Craig Clark, Chief Executive
West Midlands
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“Their technical knowledge is impressive, they’re thorough, and a pleasure to work with.”
Carsten Astheimer Ltd, Federica Corrado, Company Secretary
“The make the process quick and painless (and is a much quicker process compared to companies we have worked with in the past) and produce fantastic results.”
Sync Interactive Ltd, Mark Holland, Managing Director
East Midlands
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“We have been working with them 5 years now, and have been very happy with the service they provided us with from the start.”
InspHire Limited, Jon Dodsley, Financial Director
“We thought innovation meant your product had to be ‘groundbreaking’ in some way, but it turns out that our day-to-day operations were adding to the UK’s knowledge economy.”
Qualvis Print & Packaging, Richard Pacey, Creative Design Director
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“We chose Jumpstart as they are specialists in the area of R&D tax relief, devoting their efforts to assisting companies with the claim process.”
KB Group, Simon Klinkhamer, Director
“The process of claiming with Jumpstart was easy and took little of our time.”
NimroDENTAL, Nimrod Tal, Managing Director
North East
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“They provided us with excellent service throughout the process. Their steady, ongoing professional communications helped us along the way and we particularly appreciated their business-like, ethical approach to claiming R&D tax relief.”
FIT Infrared Ltd, Don McGee, Managing Director
“Thanks to their specialist practice, our claim size was significantly increased. We look forward to continuing working with them in the future!”
ADLINK Technology Limited, Lawrence Ross, SVP Engineering Operations
North West
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“We were totally stunned at the amount claimed, we really couldn’t believe it. The tax benefit has since allowed us to reinvest the money, buy new machinery and hire 2 new people. What a great result!”
Beverston Engineering, Rod Wah, Managing Director
“Once we were on the Jumpstart train, we started realising that we had been missing out on a large potential saving in our annual tax bill.”
John Spencer Textiles, David Collinge, Managing Director
Yorkshire and Humber
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“They are a no-nonsense, easy to work with company, with the appropriate knowledge required for the task.”
Optix Software, Andrew Harrison, Finance Director
“Immediately they impressed us with their team of technical experts who understood quickly and easily what we were eligible to claim for.”
Pennine Weavers, Gary Eastwood, Managing Director
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“The understanding achieved by their analysts of our processes really was significant; few professional bodies we have encountered had their level of engineering expertise”
L.M.g. Solutions Ltd, Jon Pitt, Financial Director
South West
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“Working with Jumpstart was clear and concise from the word go! This was to be expected as our accountant recommended their expertise after using their services before.”
Accurate Controls Ltd, Malcolm Potter, Managing Director
“We are very pleased with the results Jumpstart have achieved for us. As an engineer, I valued the fact that the Technical Analyst was able to grasp the nature of our business and translate that into a robust technical report for HMRC.”
Loadpoint Bearings, Tony Snow, Managing Director
South East
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“We would recommend Jumpstart to other businesses in our sector. They are very experienced, professional and unlike many service providers did not require us to do all the work!”
Locus Software, Arthur Vonchek, Executive Chairman
“We were very impressed with the skills and technical expertise of the Analyst and their ability to translate our descriptions of projects into a meaningful and highly detailed report.”
SI Protech Ltd, Allan Butcher, Managing Director
East England
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“Jumpstart met all our expectations and delivered everything exactly as they said they would, which is rare these days! Claiming R&D tax relief would have taken up a lot of our time if we had to do it ourselves, we run a very busy business, so it was a relief not to have to think about it.”
Mattressman, Mark Pollard, Financial Director
“The level of tax benefit received surprised us; we were doing a great deal more R&D that we thought!”
MD Controls, Martin Davies, Director
Northern Ireland
Total number of claims:
Average claim amount:
“Their level of intelligence really encouraged me, demonstrating from the word go their ability to grasp our development projects carried out.”
MT Waste, Sean McArdle, Managing Director
“Working with Jumpstart was a remarkably straightforward process; they don’t make it any more complicated than it needs to be!”
NC Engineering, Jonathan Agnew, Managing Director

*latest HMRC statistics.

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