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So, you reckon you might be doing R&D and think your SME might be eligible for R&D tax credits... but your boss isn’t so convinced it’s worth it.

We're experts in separating fact from R&D fiction, and securing the best results for our customer. Don't be a fool - talk to the UK's leading R&D tax relief specialists and Jumpstart your claim today.

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How NDT companies can use R&D tax relief to drive growth

The worldwide non-destructive testing (NDT) market is growing at over 8% a year and expected to reach almost $10bn by 2021. The need to inspect ageing infrastructure, growing demand for energy and stricter safety standards are all driving this growth.

4th July 2018
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R&D tax credits – Whatever you do be sure to do this FIRST (or be sorry forever)

< Back to library We won’t lie to you, R&D tax credits can be a complicated business. Download our full guide For a start, HMRC’s CIRD (Corporate Intangibles Research and Development – rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it!) guidelines run to 500 pages, which is enough to put anyone off! There is also a […]

29th June 2018
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