While new technologies will create new inspection challenges, they will also offer scope to enhance NDT capabilities.

The UK’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has identified 8 ‘great technologies’ which will drive future growth.

NDT will play a key role in five of these:

    1. Energy – from battery storage devices to power plants, NDT will be central to the manufacture and management of new technologies.
    2. Space – NDT will be required to ensure the integrity of launch spacecraft and satellite components. Companies will have to overcome challenges of inspecting complex geometries and new materials.
    3. New materials – from composites to additive manufactured components, today’s new materials are tomorrow’s NDT problem!
    4. Robotics – new developments in automation will allow more accurate and more cost-effective inspections, and facilitate inspections in hazardous or remote locations, and on complex components in advanced manufacturing.
    5. Big data – in NDT, as in medical imaging, the application of big data will allow operators to identify trends and improve asset management of plant and facilities.

NDT could also play an indirect role in the development of the other three great technologies – synthetic biology, regenerative medicine and agri-science – for example, through the inspection of manufacturing facilities.

Making the most of this potential will require heavy investment in R&D and it is critical that companies ensure they are making the most of tax incentives. R&D tax credits aim to encourage UK industry to find solutions to exactly these type of challenges. However, the rules are complex and it is best to get expert advice in each case.

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