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A Grizzly Tale

“Without imagination, science is nothing,” said self-proclaimed eccentric, the late, great Troy Hurtubise. Unfortunately for this 1998 winner of the Ig Nobel Prize for Safety Engineering, Troy’s weird and wonderful ideas weren’t always supported by hard scientific fact.

A Runaway Success

Imagine how much more productive we’d all be if we didn’t keep hitting the snooze button in the morning. A serial offender, the winner of 2005’s Ig Nobel Economics Prize, Gauri Nanda, was regularly late for classes at the MIT Media Lab until she invented the perfect solution.

The hidden value in innovation

Harnessing research and development tax credits and investing in innovation could unlock significant opportunities for manufacturers, as specialists at Jumpstart point out.

Rewards for R&D in the automotive sector

Many firms in the automotive sector are likely to be eligible for some form of tax relief on their R&D activities. Here’s how to make a successful – and potentially very lucrative – claim.

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