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Could Faecal Transplants end IBS misery?

Poo. We all do it, it’s a natural bodily function and while most of us find the idea of doing anything other than flushing utterly revolting, the humble poo may be the answer that many sufferers of bowel problems are looking for.

Pioneering work on proteins wins Nobel Prize

his year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three scientists for their work harnessing the power of evolution to develop new proteins used in drugs and medical treatments.

Clean but not lean?

Could commonly-used, household cleaners be making children overweight? New study suggests that everyday disinfectants and surface cleaners might be altering the bacteria in their guts.

Beware the Beard

Have you noticed how everyone has a beard these days? Well not everyone, but face fur is definitely ‘in’. The question for scientists is: ‘do you want that facial hair in a laboratory setting, particularly a microbiological lab?’

That’s Gotta Hurt

If, and it’s a big if, you could choose anywhere on your body to be stung by a honey bee, where would it be?

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Howdy partners! If you’re having dark thoughts, you might want to try switching your radio station. And no we’re talking about the likes of The Smiths or Radiohead.

A Cure for Sleep Apnoea?

For the millions of people who struggle with sleep apnoea and the long-suffering partners of Foghorn Leghorn snorers, Dr Milo Puhan’s Ig Nobel Peace Prize-winning discovery may be music to your ears, albeit not particularly rhythmic.

The rewards of investing in life sciences

Despite uncertainty in global financial markets and around the impact of Brexit on R&D funding, workforce and medicines regulation, the UK’s Life Sciences sector has continued to grow and attract investors.

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