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Aberdeen tops table as innovation hotspot

Aberdeen has grabbed pole position as Scotland’s innovation hotspot, with the resurgent oil and gas sector spearheading research and development (R&D), new research suggests.

Blondlot’s ‘N for never’ rays

We’ve got X-rays, radio waves and gamma rays, so why not N-rays? Because they don’t actually exist, despite what French scientist René Blondlot would have had you believe.

T J J See’s astronomical arrogance

An enquiring mind, a determination to get to the bottom of a problem and a certain confidence in your abilities are all useful traits in a scientist. Astronomical arrogance, less so.

Is London’s tech hub capitalising on R&D tax relief?

Garry Keith, London Business Development Manager at R&D tax relief specialist Jumpstart says the capital’s young startups should make sure they don’t miss out on a valuable tax credit they are entitled to.

A look at new scenarios for cancer treatment

Diagnosing and treating cancer is one of the key challenges for modern medicine, which is continuously focused on developing new, sophisticated therapies with minimum side effects.

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