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5 facts about PATENT BOX you can’t afford to ignore

Patent Box is part of the Government’s range of incentives to encourage companies like yours to innovate and maintain the UK’s world-leading position in many sectors by incentivising them to commercialise their patents and R&D in the UK.

The results of innovation – Making things smaller

For a number of years now the pressure has been on consumer goods manufacturers to continually reduce the size of finished goods, just look at how small your latest mobile phone is compared with your first “Nokia brick.”

Superman’s legacy: superhuman walking and much more

In August 2018 Claire Lomas completed the Manchester marathon after 8 days, perhaps nothing astonishing you might say, but Claire, a former equestrian eventer, was paralysed from the waist down after a freak riding accident.

Pace Maker

Here’s something that’ll be music to most people’s ears who are involved in R&D. Speaking to the Associated Press, lifelong inventor Wilson Greatbatch said: “Nine things out of 10 don’t work”. But don’t despair, “The 10th one will pay for the other nine”.

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