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Corporate Volunteering is very important to us here at Jumpstart, we always like to make sure that our efforts adhere to our cultures and values, therefore we are proud to have taken part in Volunteering at the Newhaven Community Gardens in Edinburgh.

Newhaven village has a strong sense of community where the local group wanted to galvanise their neighbours to become more active in making their local streets greener. Therefore, they created a new community garden in a prominent place as a way for people to come together and take part, and to showcase Newhaven’s maritime heritage by redeveloping the site of the hidden-away Armada Stone by bringing local residents together.

We decided to join Volunteer Edinburgh to improve the community gardens for the residents by weeding, planting, painting, moss and weed removal from the Harbour. We also made a small donation to the Heritage Centre so they can purchase some flowers/fruit trees which we planted on the day!

It was a very rewarding day for us giving back to the community and Volunteer Edinburgh were very appreciative of our efforts.

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