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Industry-leading service combined with competitive pricing led to a 28% growth in clients last year for Jumpstart UK. From their offices in Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham Jumpstart provides innovation funding advisory services to UK companies of all sizes, across all sectors. Their service covers building robust, accurate and maximised claims under both the Patent Box and R&D tax credits schemes. With over 4,500 successful claims and 1,500 delighted clients to date, they are proud to support innovation in British industry. Managing Director Scott Henderson explains further.

Our success and our technical-first approach

Established in 2008 with just two employees, we were on of the very early specialist providers of R&D tax relief services. Our success has been built on a unique blend of technical and tax expertise.

We believe that clients get the best results by using people who actually understand the science of what they do. That’s why we employ a large team of PhD and MSc qualified scientists and engineers across all sectors. Each of them brings substantial industry experience to the table, having completed comprehensive training on both the appropriate legislation and HMRC guidelines through our in-house Jumpstart Academy.

Our technical-first approach to claims ensures we:

  • Minimise the impact on clients’ time
  • Minimise the complexity, effort and opportunity costs by preparing the claim on their behalf
  • Maximise both the accuracy and value of their claims

This has allowed us to develop an impressive track record not only in realising benefit for our clients but also in defending our claims against HMRC enquiries – both for our own clients, and those whose providers were unable to offer enquiry defence services. We also believe that HMRC recognise and appreciate our skills. In 2018, our challenge rate was only 0.5% – and in the unlikely event of an enquiry, we defend out claims free of charge, for as long as it takes.

Beyond R&D tax relief and Patent Box, also we provide a range of consultancy services to clients which include:

  • Input to business cases – what can innovation funding contributes or what could be available on completion of the project
  • Advice on the impact of grants – supporting clients with potentially complex decisions
  • Impact assessment of systems and process change
  • Subcontracting contract arrangements
  • The approach to maximising R&D tax credits
Standing out in a crowded space

In a market with so many “me-too” products, we recognise that service is critical. We offer a truly specialised and tailored service by matching what we do and how we do it to the needs of client businesses. A dedicated technical analyst then works with each individual client to map their activities against HMRC’s guidelines.

To ensure excellence throughout the process, we use a dedicated in-house staff  development platform – the Jumpstart Academy – which trains each member of the team comprehensively with regard to legislation and HMRC compliance. After completing their course with the academy, all employees then undertake role-relevant continuous professional development to ensure that their growth with Jumpstart never stops.

For example, our technical analysts keep up to date with all industry developments through seminars, training and they work with cutting-edge clients. We know how important it is that our expertise is not only thorough it is that our expertise is not only thorough but apprised of all recent and relevant developments.

These processes are all in place because of our commitment to excellent service. We have been independently audited by BSI and certified to ISO 9001 to underline that each contrast we fulfil is as consistent in quality as the last.

As a result, 97% of customer rated our service as excellent in 2018. Our reputation for quality sees accountants across the UK use our claim services, as well as bodies such as EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, and Scottish Engineering, on behalf of their members.

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