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We’re delighted to announce that our partner training course “R&D tax relief explained” has been CPD (Continuing Professional Development) approved.

The course is a 1 hour introduction to the scheme that we developed to train and support our partners.

Whilst it has proven a popular course in the past, we now hope that the CPD certification might encourage even more professionals to attend this product awareness session, as anyone sitting in on the presentation can count this as a contribution to their annual CPD requirement.

Jumpstart are the first R&D tax specialist in the UK to have CPD accreditation for such a course.

While the Government confirmed its support towards R&D, announcing a further £2.3bn investment for it in last November’s Autumn Budget, it has also engaged extra resources to tackle tax avoidance, evasion and non-compliance.

The Jumpstart CPD accreditation demonstrates not only the level of commitment we have to supporting our partners, but also our engagement to developing consistency in the awareness levels and understanding of the R&D tax relief scheme in the various sectors that touch upon the programme.

In a climate where the accuracy and compliance of claims is increasingly being scrutinised by HMRC, we believe this CPD accreditation provides a benchmark to ensure all professionals involved in the preparation of R&D tax relief claims operate with consistent, high standards.

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