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Pons and Fleischmann’s cold fusion flop

Imagine the kudos associated with discovering a source of clean, unlimited energy. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, two highly regarded chemists from the University of Utah, certainly did. Imagine it, that is!

Lysenko’s seeds of starvation

Judged on body count, Soviet biologist Trofim Lysenko far surpasses Midgley and relegates other dangerous scientific discoveries like dynamite, poison gas and even atomic bombs to the ranks of ‘also-rans’.

Midgley’s lasting legacy

Every scientist wants to make a difference, but not the kind Thomas Midgley Jr is now remembered for.

Holmes’ Test Trauma

For Elizabeth Holmes and the company she founded in 2003, Theranos, everything started so well…

Is London’s tech hub capitalising on R&D tax relief?

Garry Keith, London Business Development Manager at R&D tax relief specialist Jumpstart says the capital’s young startups should make sure they don’t miss out on a valuable tax credit they are entitled to.

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