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Zebra’s stripes are a no fly zone for flies

You heard it here first at Jumpstart, our ‘why so stripy’ article was originally published in 2012 discussing the reasons as to why zebras have stripes. The Conversation has furthered this truth through research, coming to conclusions of optical illusions and fussy flies! 

Why So Stripy?

Why do zebras have their distinctive stripes? No seriously…why would evolution endow zebras with such an obvious pattern that provides next to no camouflage in the African savannahs?

Raconteur – Future of Manufacturing 2019

That the future of manufacturing is digital is undeniable, but there remain questions around how best to digitise, and what is at stake if companies do not.

5 predictions for Science and Technology in 2019

What will be dominating science and technology headlines in 2019?  Our technical experts peek into their crystal balls and share their predictions for innovation and technology in the coming year.

Could Faecal Transplants end IBS misery?

Poo. We all do it, it’s a natural bodily function and while most of us find the idea of doing anything other than flushing utterly revolting, the humble poo may be the answer that many sufferers of bowel problems are looking for.

Budget 2018 – A carrot and stick approach to R&D support

The 2018 Budget demonstrates the government’s commitment to Research and Development (‘R&D’) funding, which it recognises as being a key driver of economic growth, but also introduces measures to crackdown on R&D tax relief fraud.

Self-healing materials

n the early 2000s, smart materials began to be developed which have the inherent ability to repair damage to themselves without intervention, just like skin, bone and living tissue would do.

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