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Rewards for R&D in the automotive sector

Many firms in the automotive sector are likely to be eligible for some form of tax relief on their R&D activities. Here’s how to make a successful – and potentially very lucrative – claim.

2017 Budget focuses on innovation

Jumpstart, the UK’s leading R&D tax relief specialist, welcomes the focus on innovation in the 2017 budget. Scott Henderson, Jumpstart’s Managing Director commented:

Lenski’s “Long-term Evolution Experiment”

The last of our longest-running scientific experiments may have only been on the go since 1988, but that’s many millennia to some bacteria. And that’s the point.

Dr Janet Carr – Down’s Syndrome

Talk about commitment! Pioneering psychoanalyst Dr Janet Carr began her longitudinal study of people with Down’s syndrome and their families in 1964 and continued it for half a century, by which time she was 87.

World’s Longest-Running Rice Experiment

Who doesn’t love a Chinese or Indian takeaway on a Friday night! To keep all those millions happy and – more importantly – the 3.5 billion people for whom rice is their staple food from going hungry, researchers have been conducting the Long-Term Continuous Cropping Experiment (LTCCE) on a particularly busy one-hectare field in the Philippines.

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