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Jumpstart went to war for d3t, emerging victorious in the hotly-contested R&D tax credits arena.

Busy software developers don’t have the time to do battle with HMRC, but it’s all in a day’s work for Jumpstart.

Runcorn-based software developer d3t works at the cutting edge of game, app, software and embedded systems development. Overcoming the many challenges presented by integrating multiple live gaming projections on a 3D landscape, they helped to create the truly immersive Battle of Bannockburn experience near Stirling. Jumpstart surveyed the technological advances made, submitted a claim and won d3t substantial spoils. All without spilling a drop of blood!

One thing that struck me about Jumpstart's advisers was the sheer level of knowledge meaning they could pick up on the language we were using.

Jamie Campbell, d3t Ltd

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