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Jumpstart helped this Aberdeen-headquartered supplier to the global oil and gas industry to tap into a rich seam of R&D tax credits based on the company’s groundbreaking advances.

Before any decommissioning or maintenance work can begin in previously ‘shut-in’ wells, you first need to check for unwanted gases. Traditionally, this has been a lengthy process involving sampling, then transporting the gas sample in a pressurised container (with all the dangers that entails) to an onshore laboratory for analysis. Even then, the analysis only provides a snapshot at the moment the sample was taken.

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GoreVega managed to cut this lead time by weeks by developing a lightweight, fully portable, ATEX approved gas monitor capable of accurately identifying the natural gas composition in offshore wells using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography, both instantly and continuously.

In a parallel project, the company succeeded in designing an annular gas diversion tool to safely contain gas leaks in abandoned wells with a non-centric casing – a challenge that had previously proved insurmountable.

Like Jumpstart though, GoreVega persevered and got results.

"This was the first time we had claimed R&D tax credits and the process was surprisingly painless, with Jumpstart's help."

Nathan Gore, Founder, GoreVega

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