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Jumpstart gave this Michelin-starred restaurant the five star treatment, serving up a satisfying R&D tax credits claim.

Restaurant Sat Bains clearly has the recipe for success. For Jumpstart, it’s best people + best processes = best results.

No ordinary restaurant, Two Star Michelin Restaurant Sat Bains has its own development kitchen which, among other culinary advances, developed a liver-based parfait that can be frozen for improved shelf life and reduced wastage, as well as an unsupported, aerated, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate structure. Jumpstart’s Technical Analysts studied the science of the case, sampled the frankly sensational proof of the pudding and then served up a satisfyingly successful claim.

As a chef, I knew absolutely nothing about R&D tax credits. I’m delighted at how successful our claim has been and have already committed to working with Jumpstart again in the future.

Sat Bains, Chef Patron, Restaurant Sat Bains

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"We were totally stunned at the amount claimed"

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