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Jumpstart helped this leading edge Internet of Things technology company with all stages of their R&D tax relief claim process, ensuring that only optimised, accurate and compliant claims go before HMRC.

Stream Technologies is the world’s most technically advanced enabler of connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT). They collaborate on research with Universities and other organisations, to innovate connectivity management solutions for IoT.


The Company

The company’s IoT-X™ technology is an award winning and unique connectivity, data routing, IoT service billing and event decision making platform. IoT-X monetises device end points providing agnostic Multi Network Technology capability in one comprehensive Platform as a Service.

Whether you want to change your digital signage at the push of a button for that sunny afternoon promotion, or monitor your outlets environmental sensors for economic operation, Stream Technologies has the global answer.

The Technical Challenges

Creation of a standards-compliant LoRaWAN™ network server to support all LoRaWAN™ classes and capabilities as well as additional adaptors for other Low Power Radio Network device integration types and communication protocols.

The Technological Advance

Designed and developed a LoRaWAN™ network server and integrated in to IoT-X, Stream’s powerful IoT connectivity management platform, enabling seamless management and routing of LoRaWAN™ devices. IoT-X’s Network Server supports ABP, OTA and classes A,B and C network modes.

What the Company did

  • Analysed the standard and designed a compliant solution which integrated Stream’s existing infrastructure and their experience to enable rapid development;
  • Created ABP and OTA modes and protocols, and Class A, B, C device protocol capability, which was especially demanding as it specifies time-based behaviours across uncertain and unpredictable network performance;
  • Combined the server with IoT eco systems, to provide effective real-world capability.

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