Simply speaking, there are three steps to a successful R&D tax credit claim:

1. Our techies talk with your techies
2. We prepare and submit your R&D tax credit claim
3. You receive a lovely cheque or tax benefit

Of course, there’s a little more going on behind the scenes to make this happen. Let’s go through the basic Jumpstart R&D claim process together...

1. Our techies talk with your techies

Having the best people and processes in the business means that we...

  • Minimise the demands on your time by doing most of the work on your behalf
  • Minimise the complexity of the claim process by relating each of your project activities and expenditures to specific clauses within the tax legislation.

2. We prepare and submit your claim

Once the technical conversations are out of the way, we then get to work on…

  • Minimising the risk of either under-claiming what you're entitled to or over-claiming and inviting an HMRC audit, using the experience gained from over 3,000 successful claims.
  • Maximising both the accuracy and value of your claim.

Having experts in all major industry sectors means we get the best results on your R&D claim, time and time again.

3. You receive a lovely cheque or tax benefit

  • Right now, we’re identifying £1 million in eligible R&D activity every single week for our clients.
  • Get back exactly what you deserve from your investment in research and development.

In a nutshell, Jumpstart:

Minimises your time and effort

Minimises the complexity

Minimises the business risk

Maximises your claim accuracy and value

While it’s often a complicated and time-consuming process, we’ve shown time and again that it’s possible to streamline our clients’ R&D expenditure claims. Working with an advisor who minimises the time, effort and risk associated with completing the claim means that you can focus on your business. Get back to what you do best by letting Jumpstart do your company’s R&D tax credit legwork.

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