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From agricultural and waste and recycling companies to printers and bagpipe makers, Jumpstart has unearthed eligible expenditure in just about every sector.


As a key developer in agricultural technology, you’re constantly developing new solutions to improve agricultural efficiency and overcome the limitations of existing agricultural equipment. Through the development and rigorous testing of prototype equipment in this harsh operational environment, you facilitate the development of agricultural practices with better productivity and yields and reduced inputs and environmental impact.

*In 2015/16, SME's in the 'Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing' sector made:



Average Claim Value


You’re creating printing methods that are more resilient, less expensive and with a better resolution in order to meet customer demands in terms of run sizes, functional requirements and printing time. You spend a lot of time trying to print with new inks or onto new substrates in order to keep your unique printing capabilities at the forefront of the industry, and you often have to work within constraints such as European legislation for food packaging

Waste & Recycling

You’re constantly looking to develop new processes and equipment to improve the collection, processing, recycling and disposal of domestic and industrial waste with the aim of maximising the value of waste materials and reducing the burden of rising costs associated with landfill.

*In 2015/16, SME's in the 'Water Supply, Sewage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities' sector made:



Average Claim Value


*HMRC statistics

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