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Why we’re unique

What makes Jumpstart different? It’s not one thing but many, as this R&D tax claim service provider comparison shows.

Jumpstart – and only Jumpstart – ticks all the right boxes.

why we're unique JULY 2018

Does your R&D tax specialist match up?

Want to know the secret to becoming the UK’s leading R&D tax credit specialist? It’s simple. Just do as we do:

1 Find, recruit and train the best technical people.


2 Hire them as full-time staff, not part-time associates.

3 Invest in the development and maintenance of an online knowledge repository.


4 Insist that all technical staff pass rigorous assessments before advising clients.

5 Ensure that all technical staff are consistent in their treatment of complex areas, such as sub-contracting arrangements and software claims.


6 Provide time and facilities for technical staff to share best practice and knowledge on a daily basis.

Keeping up?

We're only just getting going...

7 Employ a specialist team for enquiry defence, and include this in our fee.


8 Employ dedicated Client Services and Quality Assurance teams.

9 Invest in the development of a workflow system capable of tracking 1000's of claims at any one time.



And one last thing


10 Operate and maintain an ISO9001 Quality Management System.

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