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What is it?

ClaimCheck is a desk-based review of claim materials prepared by you.

Jumpstart will produce a detailed report on risks and opportunities, as evident from your materials.

We will assess the merits of an existing claim and any inherent risks with a view to mitigating those risks before they escalate into an HMRC enquiry.

This service would benefit any potential investors in your business as part of their due diligence process.

We also review existing claims to identify potential opportunities through a detailed technical specialist assessment.

Remember – this is a desk-based review, so we do not speak to your technical people. The review is not an iterative process (there is one single review).

What do we need?
  • Technical narratives prepared for both years.
  • Cost breakdowns for both claim periods.
  • Any other paperwork submitted to HMRC.
  • Accounts + Full P&L + CT600.
In summary - what do you get?
  • An expert review of your current technical narrative and cost breakdowns;
  • The opinion of an experienced Technical Analyst who has worked in your sector;
  • A summary of risks associated with the presentation of technical information to HMRC;
  • A summary of risks associated with the costs, including highlighting HMRC red flags and scenarios that may be of risk when compared with your accounts;
  • The highlighting of areas of missed expenditure or under-claimed areas of qualifying expenditure.
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