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Avoiding HMRC Enquiries

Deciphering which aspects of a company’s work are eligible for R&D tax relief is one of the most difficult aspects of an application. Here are our recommendations for making successful, enquiry free claims...


Resolving HMRC Enquiries

R&D tax relief enquiries hinge on highly technical reports and strict guidelines, which are constantly refined by HMRC, but there are things you can do to make sure an inquiry goes smoothly and to turn a problem into an opportunity.


Improving the size of future R&D tax relief claims

Once a company has made a successful R&D tax relief claim, it’s easy to sit back and assume that it will be plain sailing for all subsequent years. We break down the steps you should take to optimise the size and success of future claims.


Understanding HMRC’s interpretation of the legislation

A successful R&D tax relief claim requires not only a knowledge of the technical aspects of a company’s industry, but also an understanding of the subtleties of HMRC’s guidelines. Here, we offer some relevant examples and practical tips for clearing the most troublesome hurdles.


Improving performance of R&D tax relief claims

There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to a successful R&D tax relief claim. In this guide, we break down the main reasons for complications in the technical side of the claim process and highlight the kind of approaches that can maximise claims, enabling you to use your time as efficiently as possible.


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