The visionaries with the drive and determination to take Jumpstart from a fledgling start-up in 2008 to the success it is today.

Client Services

Our award-winning client services team co-ordinate the various R&D tax claim activities and ensure everything is on course to meet your deadline.


Our Technical Analysts combine a first or postgraduate degree in a relevant area of technology with an unrivalled understanding of the HMRC R&D tax credit legislation.


From the moment your claim is submitted to HMRC, our Finance team will keep you fully informed of its progress. They’re suckers for a happy ending.

Quality Assurance

The people who dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, ensuring that your R&D tax claim is watertight and maintaining Jumpstart’s exceptional success rate.

Our Mechanics

They may not see much of the limelight, but these unsung heroes play a critical role in keeping our rapidly growing company running smoothly.

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