R&D Tax Credits Explained

Steps to a Successful Claim

R&D tax credit claims don’t have to be complicated. Simply speaking, there are just three steps to follow in order to claim successfully. Find out exactly how we simplify R&D tax credit claims for our clients.


What we can do for you

A lot more companies than you might think are eligible for the Government’s R&D tax credit scheme. Take a look through the wide range of sectors our clients belong to, and find out if your company could also benefit.

No-one wants an HMRC enquiry.

HMRC is cracking down on R&D tax relief claims. If you are concerned about a claim you've already made, or even if you're just thinking of making a claim, the best defence is to get expert help in the first place. Find out how Jumpstart can help your business.

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What clients say about our approach

As the UK’s leading R&D tax credit specialist, we understand how to get your company what it deserves. But don’t just take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say.

Grants for your business

In addition to being equipped to handle your R&D tax credits, Jumpstart can also guide you through the funding maze and find the R&D grant that’s right for your business.

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