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What is Report Writing?

This is a service designed for accountants and other partners.

In simple terms, we write the technical report for your client’s R&D claims.

It requires a technical meeting with the company and the writing of a technical report to accompany their claim for R&D tax relief.

What types of company can benefit?

Accountancy firms who will take care of the financial aspects of the claims themselves, but don’t have the technical expertise to create the technical narrative.

This service could also be attractive for other firms providing business services seeking to expand their offerings to their own clients and markets.

Report Writing is particularly suitable for small claimants with straightforward eligibility.

What do we need from a client to deliver our service?

The client passes us the agreed information from previous claim years, we then conduct a conference call to gather information for current year.

What report writing is not

Jumpstart does not warrant that the company has a claim, nor do we  consider the value of the claim.  Claim defence is not included.

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