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We are always looking for new talent to join our team
and support our business growth.

The opportunity to find new colleagues to fit our fast-growing business is undoubtedly exciting and we’ve put together a detailed selection process to ensure best results. On your first day as a Jumpstarter, you embark upon a thorough induction process exposing you to everything in our company, from our dynamic business development department to our quality delivery process. You’ll then make your way through the bespoke training and development delivered in our very own Jumpstart Academy. It is imperative for anyone joining the Jumpstart journey that they thrive in a vibrant, constantly changing and growing company.

Take a look at the kind of people we are currently looking for:


Our analysts have a broad range of scientific and technological experience and qualifications. This enables us to speak to our clients in the same language – 'techie to techie'. Our team is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and well-versed in all aspects of the R&D tax credit programme and has experience in delivering successful claims for all types of company – from start-ups to complex groups with revenues measured in the hundreds of millions of pounds.


Every year millions of pounds in tax relief go unclaimed by UK businesses who aren’t taking advantage of the innovation funding incentives they are entitled to. The generous incentives allow companies to re-invest in research will be a crucial factor in maintaining the UK’s position in the challenging times ahead. The support is out there, but companies need to be aware of what they are entitled to and how to access these important and well-deserved benefits.

Our Business development managers (BDMs) engage with professional advisers and company directors throughout the UK to tell them about the advantages to be gained from R&D tax relief. They are in pole position to assist them secure the funds they are due.

What's it like to live and work in Edinburgh?

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Many of our Jumpstarters relocated to the Capital in order to join our team. Here they share some of the reasons why they felt Edinburgh was the place for them…

“I have only really just moved to Edinburgh but my overall impression is that despite being a capital city it does not feel enormous in fact quite the opposite it seems that you can walk most of the "city" quite quickly and I have found it quite easy to acclimatise having never previously lived in a city before.”

“Very nice people, shops and architecture. It has a refined feel to it and I like the fact that there is always different people passing through as well as having locals.”

“It also seems that every type of hobby or sport would be catered for.”
“Lots of friendly pubs and great restaurants (particularly where we are in the west end) or right in the centre but also down in Stockbridge and out towards Newington.”

“Overall I would say that Edinburgh has been great for me because it does not feel intimidating or huge and yet caters for everyone’s taste.”

What's it like to work at Jumpstart?

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People working at Jumpstart share a set of values, emphasising how we do things in the business. We believe that values are essential to our success as a business and we put the values at the centre of everything that we do. You will find this refreshing!

“For me, the company lives and breathes a positivity that I have never experienced in any other work setting… and this comes through in everything – from the way we communicate to our clients right through to the way the weekly meetings are conducted. Ultimately, this makes coming into work an enjoyable experience! We all have down or off periods, but overall, Jumpstart is a great place to be in my opinion”

“As a TA, I think the aspects of the job that I like most are the variety of companies that we visit and also the enthusiasm that is expressed by some of the clients when you engage them about their work. Coming from a scientific, and mainly academic background, it’s great to go into a business and to be able to apply your knowledge in a different way! It's also really good to know that for the smaller clients, the work that we are doing will really be of significant benefit to the individuals we are meeting. So it’s really nice when they engage - because you really do feel that you are helping them find the best way through an obstacle course.”

“To be given responsibilities early on in the job was a real plus point for me, as it takes you out of your comfort zone and ultimately means you are always challenging yourself, which at my stage of my career is something I get very excited about!”

“Dynamic, varied, exciting, self-directing, fun!”

“I feel like I have developed a lot since the day I walked in the door. One of the things that attracted me to this job was variety and I've had great exposure to new things. I've have already met with managing directors of all types of companies, getting to understand the work they do. My job is to talk to them about their projects, see the types of R&D; they are doing, learn about their failures and successes and explain to them how their work can qualify for government support. After the meeting I produce a report of our conversation, and then it's on to the next client.”

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