Problems moving to magento 2?

Just over two years since the launch of Magento 2, the migration is underway – but it is still causing major problems for some online retailers.

Ten top tips to choose the right R&D tax relief advisor

Make sure you choose the right R&D tax relief advisory firm, for a robust, maximised claim with none of the hassle. Now that the UK has cottoned onto the benefits of the Government’s R&D tax relief scheme, more and more providers are jumping onto the R&D bandwagon. In an unregulated market, how do you separate […]

R&D Tax Relief Fake News

When it comes to R&D tax relief, at Jumpstart we hear a lot of fake news, and we don’t like it. R&D tax fake news can misinform eligible businesses, leading them to wrongly believe that R&D tax credits aren’t for them.

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