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The impact of grants on R&D tax credits

Although they might both sound like the answer to your funding prayers, grants and R&D tax relief aren’t always compatible.

28th August 2018
General R&D tax guidance & advice

Uptake of R&D tax relief across the UK

Introduced in 2000 to stimulate and reward greater UK innovation and global competitiveness, the scheme is going from strength to strength, with year-on-year increases in uptake.

28th August 2018
General R&D tax guidance & advice

There’s nearly £3bn in R&D tax credits to be won. How hungry are you?

Forget the artwork, forget the compelling storylines, forget the enthralling soundtrack, a modern game is a masterpiece of software development, just as likely to hide serious software research and development as the most sober business or technical application.

8th August 2018
General R&D tax guidance & advice

Why you should be claiming R&D tax relief

< Back to library HMRC has a responsibility to ensure that individuals and businesses are paying the correct amount of tax and claim the correct amount of tax benefits, and this applies to R&D tax claims too. Download our full guide If you are a company where you have people and costs associated with project […]

7th August 2018
R&D Article
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