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What is Consultancy from Jumpstart?

Our consultancy services can include almost anything you need – so long as it is in some way related to funding for innovation!

Specific to an R&D tax credit claim, we can help guide, assesses and provide information to help in the completion of a claim, either through highlighting risks with current or past claims or with the methods used to calculate figures or with the claiming of ineligible projects.

Our consultancy will reduce the likelihood of an enquiry, minimise the risk of a company over-claiming or claiming in error. Following the visit, we will likely produce a detailed report on risks and opportunities, relating to the conversations we have had.

What types of company can benefit?

Companies who are claiming for the first time, or have submitted claims previously, but are unsure of the legitimacy of their claim (eligibility and/or costs), or unaware of the claim documentation or record keeping requirements of the Scheme.

Additionally, companies that are regularly claiming but want to make sure that the methodology used to identify both costs and eligible work is in agreement with HMRC criteria

What else can we help with?
  • Input to business cases – highlighting the contribution R&D tax relief or Patent Box can make to the overall financial picture.
  • Impact of grants – as part of the innovation funding challenge.
  • Client systems and processes. For example, in designing new processes, ensuring that relevant costs are captured in a way that makes then easy to identify in relation to an R&D tax relief or Patent Box claim.
  • Subcontracting contract arrangements – and their impact on any claim.
What's different about Jumpstart Consultancy?
  • We offer a tailored approach depending on what is required – there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.
  • You'll benefit from the expertise of an experienced Technical Analyst who has worked in your sector
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