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Washing liquid and oven cleaners: innovation within everyday objects can lead to R&D tax relief

We’ve worked alongside an innovative chemical cleaning solutions business, Ideal Manufacturing, whose product developments have advanced technology in the field of chemistry. Ideal Manufacturing focuses on the development of a range of products using intelligent formulation and application chemistry research technique and rigorous testing. Sustained investment in R&D has been a key component of its success.

Darren Booker, Operations Director, comments on his work at Ideal: “There is a real passion for quality and innovation here. Continuous reinvestment in our product, such as making improvements to all aspects of our manufacturing process, has ensured that we have stayed at the forefront of being technically innovative.”

A facilitator between HMRC and ourselves

Ideal’s relationship with Jumpstart has proven to be a success for the company, helping it to secure substantial amounts in R&D tax relief. However, it wasn’t until Mr Booker spoke to Jumpstart, that he was aware of the aspects of Ideal’s R&D activity that HMRC wanted to see.

“My own perception of the scheme has changed massively. Even though we manufacture bespoke solutions for specialised textile care, I saw the R&D tax relief scheme as being too complicated, but having Jumpstart as a facilitator between HMRC and ourselves has helped Ideal immensely. We’ve now implemented best practice procedures with Jumpstart’s support, which will help us undertake R&D tax relief in the future,” he explains.

Darren Booker, Operations Director, Ideal Manufacturing.

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