• R&D tax credits are precious. Put yours in safe hands.

    We understand that your time is valuable and that decisions must be based upon the best information possible. That’s why this website has been designed specifically for the needs of Managing, Financial and Technical Directors – to give you the essential information you need to make an informed decision for your business.

  • 1. We meet with your technical staff

    After signing a confidentiality agreement, we talk with your key technical people about the work they’ve been doing over the past 2-3 years. We start at the top and work down to extract as much relevant information as possible on your projects. We travel throughout the UK, ensuring that large companies with multiple sites receive the same high level of service as those with single sites.

  • 2. We identify and justify your eligible projects

    Based upon our interviews with your staff and the information extracted during our site visits, we draft a report that supports and justifies your claim. Our report is a clear, technical description of the technologies involved and explains why your projects meet the Government’s criteria for eligibility. This is a key stage in the process, and ensures that the project is both eligible and defensible.

  • 3. Identify people and costs

    After we have identified, documented and justified the eligible projects, we help you to quantify their costs. While staff costs consist of a large proportion of a claim, there are many other expenses that can also be captured. The result of this is a comprehensive financial schedule that allows HMRC to see exactly how your eligible total is broken down and justified.

  • 4. Client review, finalisation and approval

    Once drafted, we send our reports back to your technical staff and ask them to comment on content and accuracy. We proactively follow up with your staff to ensure that they understand what’s required and to answer their initial questions. When we have feedback, we refine the reports until your technical people are confident that we’ve accurately articulated their activities.

  • 5. Submission to HMRC

    Your claim is submitted to one of HMRC’s specialist R&D units around the country. We track every application so we can tell you when it was submitted, by what method, and when we expect HMRC to process it.

  • 6. HMRC queries

    We automatically deal with any questions that HMRC may have about your claim. Should queries arise, we will respond to these promptly, seeking more detail from your technical staff if required. In the event of a site visit by HMRC, we will be present on that date to assist with the representation of your claim.

  • 7. HMRC approval

    Once approved, your claim will result in a tax benefit for your company. This may take the form of a payable cash credit, a tax rebate, or an enhanced deduction that can be used against future profits.

    This is also a good time to start planning your next claim. We can show you how to identify projects in progress, or even those at the proposal stage. We can also help you to set up monitoring services to identify eligible work and costs as they arise. This preparatory work makes future claims faster and more defensible.

R&D tax credits

Introduced in 2000, R&D tax credits are the Government's way of encouraging the development of exciting new products and services. This programme helps companies to find new and innovative ways of making the UK more competitive internationally. Find out more.

Why Jumpstart?

We believe that your company gets the best results by using people who actually understand the science of what you do. This technical knowledge, coupled with a deep understanding of the legislation, ensures that our claims are both valid and maximised. Find out why this approach yields much higher financial returns than conventional, accountancy-based approaches.

How can you benefit?

R&D tax credits can make a significant difference to a company’s finances. The amount of the credit will depend on the size of your company, its tax rate, and how many of your activities are eligible. Small companies (up to 500 people) can claim at a higher rate and will qualify for extra financial support if they are loss making. Find out more.

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What our clients say

Craig Clark

Craig Clark
Founder and Chief Executive of Clyde Space

“...the result was that our claim secured us a significant sum of money that we otherwise would have missed out on. The whole process took 9 weeks from start to finish. We are absolutely delighted.”