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Jumpstart is celebrating its 10th birthday and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Back in 2008 when we took a giant leap of faith and started the business, things looked very different. There were only a handful of companies operating in the R&D tax credits arena then. What a changed world we live in today!

The foundations of Jumpstart’s unique approach, culture and goals were laid down by its three founding directors: Dr Stuart Wyse, whose technical knowledge of the R&D tax credit scheme and strategic vision came from years of running his own company in Vancouver; Richard Edwards, whose expertise in systems and processes was honed during seven years as an officer in the Royal Navy; and Don Galloway, who brought with him more than 30 years’ industry experience in marketing and design.

Together, these skillsets proved invaluable during Jumpstart’s formative years as we set about shaping a company that would challenge the status quo and stand out from the competition, then and now.

A decade down the line, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. Yes, we’ve had some lessons to learn along the way – as anyone who runs their own business knows – but taking something from an idea on a beer mat to fruition is hugely satisfying; as is building something that’s high quality, that you’re proud of and that will last beyond you.

What’s even more satisfying is knowing that, as well as realising our own ambitions, we’re also contributing in some small way to the UK’s economic growth by encouraging and facilitating investment in R&D, and making a tangible difference to thousands of individual businesses, and helping them to turn their dreams into reality too.

One of the things that sets Jumpstart apart is that we always take a genuine interest in our clients’ achievements. We’re passionate about identifying every iota of eligible activity and ensuring that each claim is accurate as the last, but what we love even more is getting that email to say a cheque has just arrived for thousands of pounds or an excited call from a client sharing the news that HMRC has accepted their R&D tax credits application.

Now, as Jumpstart embarks on its second decade, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for entrusting us with your business. 

Over the coming months, we’ll be showcasing how we’ve empowered some of these companies to go on to do even greater things, as well as charting Jumpstart’s own growth from only a handful of employees to a nationwide network, and revealing our plans for the future.

It has been a successful decade for both us and our clients, but the best is yet to come!

Yours sincerely

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