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Why are we scared of algorithms?

New technologies such as algorithms and artificial intelligence present both opportunities and challenges for mankind

Blockchain: Will it change the world of business?

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies you’ve probably heard of blockchain. They are closely related inasmuch as the technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible is blockchain.

Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?

The UK’s technology sector is widely acknowledged as one of the fastest growing areas of the economy, with Prime Minister Theresa May describing it earlier this year as a “great British success story”.

Fintech comes of age

Did you feel the earth move on 13 January? This was the day when what’s been described as one of the greatest shake-ups of personal finances came into force.

Problems moving to magento 2?

Just over two years since the launch of Magento 2, the migration is underway – but it is still causing major problems for some online retailers.

Jumpstart appoints new sales director

Edinburgh-based research and Development (R&D) tax credit experts, Jumpstart, have appointed Chris Anderson as their new sales director.

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